The official report: Tou Vang of Ramsey County busted according to records

New details were released today shedding light on Tou Vang's past criminal record. Learn about the June 16, 2016 arrest in Ramsey County, Minnesota.

Ramsey County, MN

The suspect involved in the June 16, 2016 Ramsey County, Minnesota police encounter has been identified as Tou Vang.

On June 17, 2016, Minnesota Daily Times obtained reports from the Minnesota Department of Corrections that Tou Vang had been charged. Vang was detained and later charged with committing at least 1 total offense, described below.

The report specified Vang as a suspect and 33 years old. The report also indicated Vang's date of birth as 1983-02-18. More information about the report may be available from the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

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Click here to view official charges.

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